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Youth Festival

Posted 2/12/2019

Two thousand young people from all over the Hawassa Vicariate participated in the Youth Festival in Hawassa from 7th to 9th of February 2019.

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Workshop of the liturgy

Posted 5/4/2018

This week priests from Vicariate of Hawassa participated in the Liturgical workshops in Hawassa. 

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Pastoral visits

Posted 4/28/2018

Last months Bishop Roberto do his pastoral visits in the parish of the Vicariate of Hawassa. This year he has already visited Arosa, Dongora, Fullasa, Dokole, Dadim and Yabello. ConfirmationConfirmationPastoral visitPastoral visit

Bushulo website

Posted 1/18/2018

We invite you to visit a new website of the Bushulo Health Centre in our vicariate. You will find there a lot of information, pictures and videos about the clinic. You must see it!

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The vicariate's website started

Posted 8/30/2017

We are very happy to inform you that our website has already started. Now we can share what we do. You can read about us, follow the news from whole the vicariate. We will try to keep up to date all information. Please, share with others this good news and help us to promote our website! 

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