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Gratitude to our partners!

We are so grateful for all our donor partners! Through your acts of solidarity with the people we serve in our communities here in southern Ethiopia, you are shining God’s Love brightly. We sincerely thank you!


Pastoral donors and partners

  • Pontifical Missionary Societies
  • Church in Need
  • Caritas Austria
  • Catholic Mission Australia
  • Nigrizia Foundation
  • Missio (Aachen)
  • Missio (Voralberg
  • Conferenza Episcopale Italiana
  • Little Way Association
  • Manos Unidas
  • Erzbistum Köln
  • Religious Congregations
  • Private benefactors


SDCO partners

  • Caritas Austria
  • Caritas Bozen
  • Kindermissionwerk
  • Manos Unidas
  • Diocese of Teramo
  • Holy Childhood
  • Marytan Life Foundation
  • Rainbow for the future


Advantages of working with Hawassa Catholic Secretariat


  • Vast network of missions, institutions and assetsform springboard for future development projects
  • Competent and experienced management staff
  • Implementation strength with over 700 employeesand 16 Religious Congregations
  • 5-year Strategic Plan guiding all work
  • Strong relationship with government bodies
  • Excellent link with CBOs & community members
  • Four field vehicles
  • Good reputation of institutions by the local government  community 


Join us!

The difficulties that Ethiopia is facing often dominate the headlines, 
but they are not the full truth of our times, 
nor will they be the final word of our history. 
By keeping our eyes fixed on Jesus Christ, 
the one who is the Light to all nations, 
we keep our hope alive as we invest our lives 
towards building up a developed, just and peaceful Ethiopia.

Come and join us in this noble effort! 
We are currently looking for new partners 
who can journey with us in serving the poorest.