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Social activities

Nowadays the consequences of long years of famine, poverty, terror and war are still visible in their consequences. The threat of scarcity and famine is ever present and millions are the people living in permanent state of abjection. Infirmities such as Malaria, TB, typhus and typhoid and HIV/AIDS are increasing; and one can observe more and more family instability, family separations, an increasing number of children left orphans, a diffuse situation of inferiority for women, conflict between ethnic groups, extreme difficulty for young people to find meaningful employment, begging and misery.


The commitment of the Church and of religious people who operate as ‘angels of divine charity’ is not enough, humanly speaking, to alleviate the necessity of so many people. The Church is consistently and effectively operating in the field of education particularly of children and young people; takes a leadership role in promoting justice and peace, runs programs of assistance favoring a daily contact with the poorest and most marginalized; commits an enormous investment of people, energy and resources to health care, with different kinds of clinics with programs of direct assistance to the sick, mother-child health, prevention programs, health education and a caring attention to the HIV/AIDS pandemic.


Fields of the social activities of the Vicariate:

  • Education
  • Healthcare
  • Social Rehabilitation
  • Women Promotion
  • Water Program
  • Emergency/ Drought Recovery and Rehabilitation